The founders of Noordoostpolder Wind Farm are about 100 agricultural entrepreneurs from the local area (united in the companies NOP Agrowind and Westermeerwind) and renewable energy company RWE.

Every founder is responsible for the development, construction and management of their part of Noordoostpolder Wind Farm. The allocation is as follows:

  • NOP Agrowind: 26 Enercon wind turbines (E-126 with a capacity of 7.5 MW per turbine) on shore along the Westermeerdijk and the Noordermeerdijk;
  • Westermeerwind: 48 Siemens wind turbines (3.0DD-108 with a capacity of 3 MW per turbine) near shore along the Westermeerdijk (2 rows) and Noordermeerdijk;
  • RWE: 12 Enercon wind turbines (E-126) on shore along the Zuidermeerdijk (8) and the Westermeerdijk (4).

Koepel Windenergie Noordoostpolder

During the development phase, the founders jointly established Koepel Windenergie Noordoostpolder with the aim of forming a single point of contact for government bodies, agencies involved and other external parties. The Koepel represents the joint interests of the three project partners in areas such as environmental impact assessment and permits.