Noordoostpolder Wind Farm

Along the dikes of the IJsselmeer on the western side of the Noordoostpolder,  the largest wind farm of the Netherlands is being constructed. A total of 86 wind turbines have erected on shore and near shore.

Energy for more than 400,000 households
The wind farm’s 86 wind turbines will produce 1.4 billion kWh of electricity,
enough e.g. to provide electricity to over 400,000 households every day. This is roughly the number of households in the Northern Netherlands.

Fewer wind turbines, more power
The new wind farm will generate significantly more energy than the previous 50 wind turbines of the former Essent wind farm along the Westermeerdijk and the five wind turbines on and near the Zuidermeerdijk, thanks to improved wind turbine technology and favourable wind locations. One new on shore wind turbine provides as much electricity as the previous 50 wind turbines put together.

Sustainable boost to the local economy
An estimated total investment of about 1 billion euros is needed for the construction of the wind farm. Residents of Noordoostpolder, Urk and former Lemsterland can also financially participate in a section of the wind farm through an equity participation scheme. This exceptional and innovative energy project will therefore provide a sustainable boost to the local economy.

The construction of the wind farm provides employment opportunities. During the construction phase circa 300 new jobs became available. During the operational phase the wind farm will provide about 100 permanent jobs.


The initiators of the wind farm are united in the foundation Koepel Windenergie Noordoostpolder.Together they realize Noordoostpolder Wind Farm along the western dikes of the Noordoostpolder.
The Koepel promotes the joint interests of the initiators, for example in contacts with local, regional and national authorities, local residents and other interested persons and parties.
It has also drawn up an environmental impact statement for the entire wind farm.
The Board of the Koepel consists of representatives of the project partners and an independent chairman and secretary.

Financial participation

Residents of Noordoostpolder, Urk and former Lemsterland can financially participate in the near-shore section of Noordoostpolder Wind Farm which is being constructed in the IJsselmeer.
Those eligible can register their interest via and will then be kept informed about the options for equity participation.

Annual amount for village development

Noordoostpolder Wind Farm will pay an annual amount of 10,000 euros for a period of 20 years to the five nearby villages: Creil, Espel, Nagele, Rutten and Tollebeek for promotion and development of the villages.

Profit scheme

A scheme is available for the nearest residents, reimbursing an average annual energy bill, which currently amounts to approximately 1,800 euros per year.

Regional contribution

The municipality of Noordoostpolder receives an annual amount, which is used for the operation of the visitors’ centre 11BEAUFORT in Nagele.


During the preparations for Noordoostpolder Wind Farm extensive research was done into the potential effects of the wind farm on ecology, in particular on bird and bat species. Effects were tested against the conservation objectives for Natura 2000 areas and the favourable state of conservation of species on the ground of the Flora and Fauna Law. The results of the research showed that limited effects of the wind farm were to be expected and no negative effects on the conservation of species and on achieving nature objectives.

Ecological monitoring

Possible effects on birds and bats are monitored as part of the permits. We monitor these effects, for example, by having birds counted. Until now, the results have not been different from the effects to be expected.

Stone dam offers resting place for birds and enhances safety

Part of Noordoostpolder Wind Farm is the construction of a stone guided dam. This serves to facilitate commercial shipping and minimise the chance of collisions. Ships and boats are prevented from cutting corners and sailing behind the turbines, but are forced to use the navigation channel. The dam has been constructed to give a positive boost to nature. As a result of this a shallow sheltered zone covering no less than 22 ha has been created between the wind farm and the coast of the IJsselmeer near Rotterdamse Hoek. This sheltered zone is an attractive feeding ground for bird species, such as the great crested grebe.


Noordoostpolder Wind Farm is the main sponsor of Dijkfeest. This event takes place every year in June. The location near the dike close to the wind farm is unique.


For more information about the construction work, please visit the websites of the project partners NOP Agrowind, Westermeerwind and RWE.

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Construction guided dam for shipping

Noordoostpolder Wind Farm

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