• 86 wind turbines, of which 38 on shore and 48 near shore
  • 429 MW total capacity
  • Yield around 1.4 billion kWh of renewable electricity per year
  • Comparable to the power consumption of more than 400,000 households
  • Three project partners are responsible for the development, construction and management of their part of Noordoostpolder Wind Farm: NOP Agrowind (on shore), RWE (on shore) and Westermeerwind (near shore)
  • Koepel Windenergie Noordoostpolder represents the interests of all three project partners in the case of joint matters such as the environmental impact asssessment and permits
  • Employment: about 300 temporary jobs during the construction and more than 100 permanent jobs after construction in service, training and maintenance

Wind turbines

On shore
  • The type of wind turbine used on shore is the Enercon E-126 with a capacity of 7.5 MW
  • The tip height (highest point of the rotor blade) is 198.5 metres
  • The hub height (length of the tower to halfway along the nacelle without the rotorblades) is 135 metres
  • Besides concrete, the foundation consists of 66 piles of 23-30 metres in length and 181 tonnes of concrete mesh
  • The tower weighs 2920 tonnes, is made from concrete and consists of different ‘rings’ that are stacked; the tower has a diameter of 14.5 metres at the base and a diameter of 4.5 metres at the top
  • The Enercon E-126 has a total weight of 3625 tonnes
  • About 130 lorry trips were needed to bring all the materials for a single turbine to its location
  • A rotor blade has a length of 62 metres and a span of 127 metres
Near shore
  • The type of wind turbine used near shore is the Siemens 3.0DD-108 with a capacity of 3 MW
  • The tip height is 149 metres
  • The hub height is 95 metres
  • The foundation consists of a steel tubular pile with a diameter of 5 metres and a length of about 35 metres
  • The largest part (about 25 m) of the foundation pile was driven into the IJsselmeer lake bed
  • The tower weighs 252 tonnes and is an impressive 90 metres tall; the tower was transported upright in two parts on a special transport ship to the construction location
  • A rotor blade has a length of 54 metres and a span of more than 100 metres
  • The rotors were lifted up as a single unit and mounted on the nacelle