Information centre 11BEAUFORT

Windexperience 11BEAUFORT provides information on renewable energy, wind energy and Noordoostpolder Wind Farm in an interactive manner. In the centre, visitors can feel the force of the wind in a tunnel or generate electricity by cycling, for example. There is also a lot to see and read about wind energy and the construction of Noordoostpolder Wind Farm.

The information centre was commissioned by the municipality of Noordoostpolder and realised by a local company, Renne Streekproducten. It is located in the village of Nagele, close to the A6 motorway.

Information and guided tours
In addition to providing information via a visit to the information centre, 11BEAUFORT can also provide a presentation about and/or tours of Noordoostpolder Wind Farm upon request.

For more information:

+31 527-681458

Nota bene: government officials who are interested to taking a guided tour along Noordoostpolder Wind Farm and visiting the information centre should contact Saskia Bish, Koepel Windenergie Noordoostpolder, directly.